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Electric bike news

Planet X have got some e-bikes
Yorkshire-based brand begins selling own-branded electric bikes across mountain, urban and cargo categories
Firefighters issue safety warning after UPP battery fire
"We’re asking people to check whether they have a UPP battery at home. If you do, stop using it right away, and contact the seller"
Babboe recalls City and Mini cargo bikes
Law firm Birkway is investigating whether cargo bike owners can receive compensation, with over 8,500 people so far coming forward
Riese and Muller launch not-so-long john e-cargo bike
Brand suggests it’s an "entry level" offering... at £5,469
Cixi using chainless e-bike system on 120km/h vehicle
Speed of Vigoz e-trike is governed by pedalling input
E-bike proposals "a huge safety risk"
Electrical Safety First also expresses concern as government acknowledges risk of “more severe battery fires”
Government considering doubling e-bike motor power
Concern that proposed change could threaten the e-bike's legal status as a bicycle
Florida town temporarily bans e-bikes after fatal collision
Florida law allows individuals of any age to ride 28mph e-bikes
Tenways releases urban electric bike with own-brand motor
The CGO009 joins a line-up of well-priced city focused e-bikes, but UK customers will have to wait
Brose beefs up cyber security to prevent speed hacking
Derestricted e-bikes are widely considered a major threat to the industry
Discover the e-bikes of the Formula 1 world
As the 2024 Formula 1 season beckons, we take a look at some of the team's electric bikes
Quirky electric two-wheeler brand Cake files for bankruptcy
Its range includes an anti-poaching bike and a bike that doubles as a workbench
Apidura has done a special e-bike charger bag
The Expedition e-Bike Charger Pack is a lightweight bag for your e-bike charger, but it'll set you back £62
BMW is calling its latest e-moped an "eParkour"
New BMW CE 02 is aimed at Gen Z riders
First ride: Tern Orox
A behemoth of a bike that's loads of fun and very capable... do you really need one?
The Tern Orox is being billed as an 'adventure cargo bike'
With 180kg carrying capacity and fat tyres, is this something the market has been missing?
Moustache has done a belt drive version of the Lundi
Moustache's top of the range model gets a CDX belt drive
Babboe accused of cover-up over ‘serious safety risk’
Employees say they had to lie to customers
Why has Chester's e-scooter trial been suspended?
Operator Ginger began the trial in December 2020 but has now suspended it until further notice
E-cargo bike share schemes replace a car for many people
18% of respondents said they either got rid of their car or decided against buying one