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Electric bike news

Eovolt’s 2022 e-bike range: Morning, Afternoon and Evening
Two folders and a compact step-through semi-folder with most of the manufacturing done in France
London’s e-scooters are all going to produce the same sound
Combinations of sounds and environments will be tested with people less likely to detect e-scooters
Fiido T1 looks a solid budget e-cargo bike – but…
You don’t see too many e-cargo bikes at this sort of price
Helmet concerns delay London's electric moped share scheme
DfT and TfL say they are unaware of HumanForest e-moped project
10,000 people have reserved VanMoof's 50km/h e-bike
Top speed exceeds current limits for both e-bikes and S-pedelecs
UK battery start-up Britishvolt secures £100m govt funding
UK predicted to need 90GWh of batteries a year to sustain car industry
Unbelievable: Bonkers launch video for Yamaha EMF e-moped
Vehicle is built for Gogoro’s battery-swapping network which is shaping the e-moped market in Taiwan
E-scooters get their own category in France
A helmet will not be compulsory for 25km/h electric vehicles
Manchester e-cargo bike hire will cost just £12 a day
Bikes from the Manchester and Salford E-Cargo Bike Library will be available from the start of February
Kymco’s €1,200 electric moped has three batteries
Taiwanese manufacturer considering spinning off electric vehicle division
E-scooter share schemes increase fast food spending
Study concludes that micro-mobility contributes to economic growth
KTM launches "race-injected" electric balance bikes
When is a motorbike not a motorbike? When it’s for kids
Lime’s new e-bike uses the same battery as its e-scooters
Micro-mobility firm says standardisation will make fleet management more efficient
BYD says EVs with Blade Battery less likely to catch fire
Chinese firm says an “unreasonable” emphasis on improving range has trumped battery safety in recent times
Spin pulls out of “free-for-all” e-scooter hire markets
Firm says markets that lack sensible regulations result in “race to the bottom pricing”
New Forest could ban e-bikes from cycle trails
Equestrian groups argue it would be a small step from electric bikes to allowing other motorised vehicles
Seat explains move towards electric mopeds and e-scooters
"If young people don't have a driving licence, then of course they will not buy a car"
Hundreds of Voi e-scooters damaged in warehouse fire
Fire service investigating cause of Bristol blaze
Urban Arrow predicts 50% rise in e-cargo bike sales
Raleigh has predicted that UK sales will double
Personal e-scooters reduce car use but do shared services?
Swiss study finds shared e-scooters and e-bikes emit more CO2 than the transport modes they replace