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Electric bike news

Surly launch the Big Easy e-cargo bike
With a geometry that makes it ride like a conventional bike, Bosch's most powerful drivetrain and huge rear storage, the Big Easy is built to carry the kids, the shopping and much more...
New bikes, gear and tech at iceBike 2019
We went to check out some of the latest and greatest from one of the UK's biggest cycling distributors, here are some highlights...
E-bikes give a brain boost to older cyclists
The new research found that cyclists between the ages of 50-83 experienced cognitive and mental health benefits from riding a bicycle, regardless of whether it was electric or non-assisted...
Raleigh revamps the Stow-E-Way
The British bike behemoths have made their e-folder available in black and white colourways, with 8-speed gearing and four levels of assistance
BikeLive Cannock Chase is back!
We're looking forward to welcoming you for BikeLive on 6th April, where you'll be able to demo all the latest and greatest bikes from some of the best brands in the business!
Jimmy's Iced Coffee founder swaps car for e-bike
Jimmy Cregan has described swapping his Mercedes C63 for a Tern GSD as "the best thing I've ever done"
Coleen remake 1941 Jean Prouvé bike
If you like to mix the old with the new then this bike might just be the ultimate example, with timeless looks and a motor built in seamlessly so you wouldn't know it was there!
New Greyp e-MTB has cameras and sensors
The unique Croatian electric supercar manufacturer Greyp are teasing a new e-MTB with more than a few bells and whistles. It's launching on the 15th March...
Turvec call for more e-bike charge points
Turvec say that currently the development of e-charging stations focusses too heavily on cars, when e-bike charging in urban areas should also be considered as usage rises
Dorset nurses ride e-bikes to appointments
Dorset community nurses can now apply for e-bikes to use for getting to appointments, with feedback showing both nurses and patients have responded positively