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Electric bike reviews

PVY Z20 Plus

Big and brutish with unsophisticated power delivery but surprisingly good fun to ride

Cairn BRAVe 2.0

Incredibly versatile flat bar e-gravel, rigid mountain, commuter, or bikepacker bike

EcoBike Cargo

A good all-rounder and capable load lugger with just a few niggles here and there

MiRider 24

A step up in practicality from the original small-wheeled MiRiders with more off-road capability too

Tern Quick Haul Long

The Quick Haul Long is enough cargo bike for most uses, at a much lower price point than its class-leading sibling

Hammerhead Shark

Mid-motor and Shimano twiddly bits without breaking the bank

Yamaha Wabash RT

A decent attempt from Yamaha at applying their drive system to an e-gravel option, but has a few too many niggles

Mako Shark

Great value, highly functional mid-drive town bike

Advanced Offroad Pro Gravel Apex AXS

State-of-the-art, lightweight electric gravel bike

Estarli eCargo Longtail

The best value longtail out there given the awesome climbing power

Himiway A7 Pro

A versatile and comfortable e-bike, but very heavy

Tenways CGO600 Pro

Light, easy to get along with single-speed that's at home in the city

Himiway Zebra

Hefty cruiser suitable for cargo-carrying duties

Bodywel T16

Great for teens, not so great for middle-aged men

Engwe E26 ST

Great potential as a utility bike but too heavy for leisurely rides

Ecomove Bird M

Distinctive electric cruiser offers a smooth and easy ride

Romet E-Modeco URB 3.0

A fully-equipped, high quality step-through hybrid with a powerful mid-drive and a big battery

Riese & Muller Charger4 Vario

A good quality but expensive e-tourer

Moustache Lundi 27.5

Functional and fashionable premium e-commuter or shopping bike

Romet E-Wagant 3.0

Solid choice for a fully-equipped entry level mid-drive