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Electric bike news

Geraint Thomas recommends e-bikes
The defending Tour de France champion talked up the e-bike as a great choice for beginners in his column for GQ magazine this week
Scott launch the SK-eRIDE, a ski-touring e-Bike
An e-bike for skiing? This is a bike designed for exactly that, taking you to the slopes with some fat tyres and e-assistance perfect for tackling the snow...
Swytch raise £1 million in a year
The startup, whose e-bike conversion kit fits to your handlebars, raised over 500% of their initial crowdfunding target back in 2017 and appear to be going from strength to strength
Jump developing autonomous e-bikes?
Jump, owned by the ride-hailing service Uber, is said to be investing in a new breed of e-bikes and scooters that will be able to drive themselves to charging points or better locations
Ducati's new MIG-RR e-MTB
New e-MTB designed in partnership with Thok E-Bikes is now available to pre-order for a spring delivery on Ducati's website
Jivr chainless folder closing in on crowdfunding target
This smart-looking folding e-bike has raised over €630,000 with a pitch on the Seedrs investment platform, and has a completely concealed belt drive in the frame
No compulsory insurance for e-bikes
The new proposed laws, which would have had a severe impact on the e-bike market and public health according to the European Cyclists' Federation, were voted down in parliament today
Go SwissDrive enters liquidation
The eight-year-old company, that supplies motors for over 5,500 Publibike hire bikes in Switzerland, has been liquidated by its owner
EU impose tariffs on Chinese e-bike imports
After it emerged that Chinese manufacturers were 'dumping' e-bikes in Europe at below cost price to receive subsidies, the EU has now imposed tariffs to curb the practice
EU to vote on mandatory e-bike insurance
The European Commission will vote on whether e-bike riders should have car-style compulsory third-party insurance on the 22nd January