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Electric bike news

Uber dump 'perfectly good' e-bikes
A video has circulated which purports to show a huge number of Jump hire e-bikes being scrapped, with the company accused of creating senseless waste
Rad Power launch RadWagon4 e-cargo bike
Fully redesigned from the ground up, the RadWagon4 has custom-made tyres and a completely revamped frame design, and is priced at an affordable €1,499 on pre-order
Cannondale launch new Neo Lefty e-gravel bike
New acoustic bike and e-gravel both with suspension bringing 'maximum gravel'
Olympia unveil huge 900Wh 'super battery'
The PowerNine 900Wh is the same weight as Olympia's previous 630Wh versions, and they claim it takes six hours to fully charge
E-bikes "could get Britain back to work"
University of Leeds researchers have concluded that a switch from cars to e-bikes could reduce CO2 emissions by millions of tonnes, while providing commuters with a safer route back to work amid the coronavirus crisis
£50,000 grant brings e-cargo to Nottingham
The legendary Nottingham-based bike brand have produced the e-cargo bikes on behalf of the council thanks to a £50,000 government grant
Giant and ConnectBike launch 'Giant Deliver E'
The world's largest food delivery chain Domino's were involved in the specialist e-cargo bike's development, and they're set to be rolled out for delivery couriers to use from this July
Northern Ireland finally make e-bikes legal
As of 13th May, residents of Northern Ireland are no longer required to have licencing, insurance and registration to ride an e-bike in the country
Swytch waiting list surpasses 100,000
The company behind the Swytch e-bike conversion kit say they've been inundated with orders due to the UK government urging us to cycle instead of use public transport during the pandemic
An electric revolution? Specialized launch Vado SL
The all new mid-motor Vado SL weighs in at just 14.9kg, with the motor on Specialized' own SL 1.1 system accounting for just 1.95kg of that