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Electric bike news

Shimano launches two new electric bike mid-drive motors
The EP5 and E5100 drive systems are set to be an “ally to your daily commute and a gateway to cycling adventures,” it’s claimed
Will Bikonic's gas-assisted workstand replace electric ones?
Hope is that gas strut technology will result in a more affordable workstand suitable for home use
The Tern Quick Haul compact electric cargo bike goes Long
The e-cargo is designed for “heavy hauling and busy families” at a more affordable price point
UK ranked 3rd leading micromobility market in Europe
E-bikes account for nearly 40% of Europe’s micromobility market, McKinsey finds
E-bikers "more focused on scenery than roads" says MSP
Jamie Halcro Johnston says local residents find themselves "stuck behind large groups of e-bikes"
Comodule and 2Lock launch contactless wheel hub lock system
New system combines digital and physical security to deter would-be e-bike thieves
Nick Sanders MBE completes round the world e-bike challenge
Renowned explorer finishes his 20,000 mile trip aboard his electric gravel bike
Vanmoof imitator, kids e-bikes + more Cycle Show highlights
Birmingham's NEC saw e-bikes aplenty on the stands and on one test track in particular
Lime report calls for more e-bike parking in London
The report says an estimated 30,000 trips are missed in the city every day
Voi wants govt to change e-scooter licence requirement
A general election has been called for July 4
Bianchi launches e-Oltre
The impressively light e-road bike, priced from £4,299, is powered by the newest Mahle X30 motor and boasts top-of-the range spec
Mahle launches “bulletproof” X30 e-bike hub motor
The new system is “robust and versatile” and is compatible with X20 components
E-bike fire survivor backs third-party certification
“If my story doesn’t show the desperate need for a change in regulation, then I don’t know what will"
Ariel’s new bike comes a mere 92 years after its last one
Each slick-looking £10k Ariel Dash will be hand-assembled and signed-off by a single technician
The CitiPod four-wheeler inspired by the Morris Minor
CitiPod "puts a green spin on the British staple" with a solar panel and pedalling power to reduce grid dependency
Voi says London e-scooter scheme is "worst in Europe"
“As things stand, it is financially unsustainable to continue operating in the city," says CEO
Ridley launches first electric urban bike, the Urbx
It comes with a Bafang G310 hub motor and the option of a belt drive
Cube’s Kathmandu Hybrid electric bike goes carbon
The new e-bike will be available in both a classic diamond shape and an ‘easy entry’ design and priced from £4,199
Voi offering free rides for e-scooter and e-bike training
Topics include e-scooter and e-bike safety, local traffic rules, and responsible parking practices
Ducati launches electric all-road bike
The Futa All-Road e-bike is a more versatile version of their e-road model