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Electric bike news

25% off Orbea Gain M21 2019 Carbon eBike
If you're after a little boost to go further, make climbs a bit easier, or just go faster, the Orbea Gain M21 is perfect!
Halfords launch "cheapest e-road bike in Europe"
The retail giants will be selling the Crossroad at £999, which they say makes it the cheapest electric road bike on the continent and perfect for Cycle to Work customers
Rayvolt X One: ultimate bike of the future?
Rayvolt claim their X One "sets the bar for the electric bike of the 21st century"... and you can pre-order one now via Indiegogo
Shimano creates patent for ABS braking system
With Bosch and Blubrake having already developed anti-lock braking for bikes, now Shimano look to be in on the act with a patent filed for an ABS system aimed predominantly at e-bikes
The Apprentice does e-bikes, and smashes sales record
Folder aimed at ‘Sophisticated Sarah’ racks up orders of £1.2m
First Look: Wilier’s £10k Cento10 e-road bike
It weighs just 10.8kg and looks as close to a svelte road bike as it gets...
Batribikes have e-bikes stolen from lorry
"This is not how we wanted to announce our new model", said Batribike's MD - although hopefully the stolen bikes won't get very far, because they're without their unique batteries that the thieves won't be able to source from elsewhere
Stajvelo e-bike made of injection-moulded materials
The French bike brand have become the first to make use of an advanced injection-moulded composite material to produce a frame, and you also get Continental automatic shifting...
Big Read: Racing e-bikes at the EX Enduro
How different does a motor make enduro racing?
Bosch claim new tech is "a giant leap forward"
Bosch say their new silicon carbide microchips can conduct electricity better, which will lead to better range, smaller batteries and less energy lost through heat