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Electric bike news

Petition launched to increase e-bike speeds
The petition calls for UK law on e-bike speeds to be brought in line with the US, where larger motors are permitted that cut out at speeds of 20mph (32kph)
Raleigh launch e-cargo bikes for businesses
The legendary British bike brand have launched e-cargo bike and trike models, designed for businesses to move their goods around without the emissions
Gov promises financial support to buy e-bikes
Could you get a third off your next e-bike purchase? The government have said they will offer financial incentives to buy e-bikes in their 'Gear Change' document published today, which could mean cheaper e-bikes for all
Ducati launch the e-Scrambler electric bike
The Italian motorbike brand have launched a brand new pedal assist bike with a Shimano motor system, racks, lights and mudguards as standard and e-bike specific tyres from Pirelli
Canyon launch the Grail:ON e-gravel bike
Canyon's groundbreaking Grail gravel bike has been electrified, featuring those unique double-decking handlebars, 50mm tyres and all the benefits of a sleek Bosch motor system to turbo-charge your ride
Swytch accused of 'photoshopping image'
The makers of the Vekkit e-bike kit issued a statement claiming Swytch had doctored one of their images. Swytch have now apologised, saying it was down to a mix-up in which the image was mistaken for a product design concept
Mondraker launch the Grommy 'e-balance bike'
Made to "inspire a new generation of riders with riding skills and passion", the Grommy is available in 12" or 16" sizes
Only 7% of Brits want an e-bike, finds survey
While the UK has some catching up to do, 1 in 4 Europeans said they either own an e-bike or are thinking about buying one in the survey of 13,000 people
3 million e-bikes sold in Europe in 2019
LEVA-EU say they expect the 2019 total to surpass 3 million when all results have been published, and Germans are leading the way with 1.3 million e-bikes sold last year
E-bike riders 'lower risk than non-assisted riders'
Bikmo have announced that they will be cutting premiums for e-bike riders, with new research showing that e-bikers were 38% less likely to make a claim compared to non-assisted riders
Gaerne launch e-bike cycling shoes
Do we really need separate shoes for e-adventures? The Italian footwear experts Gaerne seem to think so, aiming the new G.Arc, G.Ray and G.Taser kicks specifically at e-bikers...
Vittoria's new e-bike tyres 'extend battery life'
Vittoria say the higher torque of e-bikes require specific e-bike tyres, and the reduction of rolling resistance on their 'E-Tires’ can actually extend your range
Subsidise e-bikes, says Bicycle Association
The national trade association for the bike industry says that both the cost and awareness barrier needs to be addressed when it comes to e-bikes, and that just a £250 incentive could double sales
UK e-scooter ban to be lifted this Saturday
A blanket ban on riding e-scooters on UK roads and cycle lanes will end on 4th July, as a 12 month trial will begin in which insured rental scooters will be made legal. Riders must be over 16 and hold at least a provisional driving licence.
Volt shift all manufacturing to UK ahead of Brexit
The British e-bike brand say that the move to Milton Keynes will allow them to centralise production, and produce up to 25,000 e-bikes a year
New Fiido D11 folder has 100km of range
The D11 is the latest folder from Fiido, featuring a battery integrated into the seat tube and a total weight of just 12.9kg
Bosch 2021: new Nyon computer and motor updates
Brand new touchscreen computer replaces original Nyon; 85Nm upgrade for CX and Cargo Line motors
New Vekkit e-bike conversion kit launches
The people behind Polish cycling bag and backpack brand Velotton have developed a three-part e-bike kit that weighs just 3kg, with prices starting from 535 euros
The Z-Triton: an e-trike and boat combined
This amphibious 3-in-1 prototype can function as an e-trike or a boat in motion, and also has living quarters for camping out during your journey
Triumph launch the Trekker GT, their first ever e-bike
The motorcycle legends have added pedals to their latest creation, a premium e-bike with a Shimano STEPS motor, RockShox forks and integrated LED lighting