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Electric bike buying advice

All about e-bikes
The essential info you need to know if you're getting into power-assisted cycling
A beginner's guide to e-bike batteries
Everything you ever wanted to know about how electric bikes get their power
Why are electric bikes so heavy?
There's a lot of added bits. But not all e-bikes are heavy...
Video: A beginner’s guide to e-bikes
We walk you through the fundamentals of electric bikes, including batteries, motors, range and costs
E-scooters between £350 and £500
Fun rides that won't break the bank
When does an e-bike become a moped?
Too powerful, too quick, no pedals? Find out whether you need to get your e-bike registered, taxed and insured
5 of the best electric mopeds
An e-moped will provide a step up from an e-bike in power and range
8 tips for commuting by e-bike all year round
Here’s our guide to continuing to use your electric bike through the wind and rain and cold and dark
5 of the best e-scooters for under £350
What's cheap, cheerful and worth checking out
5 of the best e-scooters for kids
Smaller, adjustable and not too powerful - but are they legal?
5 of the best e-scooters
Our pick of the electric scooters currently on the market. What can you get? How do they work? And are they legal?
Five of the best electric city bikes from £2,000 to £3,000
Power, range, comfort and practicality – we pick our favourite high spec flat bar e-bikes
18 of the best 2021 electric road bikes
Explore the electric road bikes that give you a secret boost on the hills and away from lights
Hub motor or mid motor? What's the difference?
Which kind of e-bike motor would suit you best? We outline the pros and cons
5 of the best e-cargo bikes for under £3,000
Whether you’re carrying people or stuff, there’s no need to break either a sweat or the bank
6 of the best folding e-bikes from £1,000 to £2,000
Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em
10 of the best e-bikes from £1,000 to £2,000
With electric city bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes in the mix, there’s plenty of choice in this price bracket
Best electric city bikes from £1,000 to £2,000
What to look for in a mid-price electric city bike
8 of the best folding e-bikes 2021
Need a bike with a boost that is also compact and easily transportable? A folding e-bike could be your ideal multi-modal solution...
5 top tips for going car-free
Want to ditch the car? Or one of your cars? Here are five things to think about