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Electric bike buying advice

Buying an e-bike: a beginner's guide to electric bikes
Thinking about getting an e-bike but don’t know where to start? Let’s take things one step at a time
Lightweight mid-motor shootout
We pit the biggest names in the lightweight mid-motor market against each other
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E-cargo bikes for less than a second-hand Nissan Micra - and you'll be able to carry more stuff
Best electric bikes under £2,000 2024
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Best electric hybrid bikes 2024
Hybrid e-bikes are great for utility and leisure – here’s our pick
Best electric bikes 2024
Our guide to the best electric bikes spanning an array of styles, budgets and uses
Best e-bike subscription services 2024
Spend less in the short term with an e-bike subscription
Best electric mountain bikes 2024
From the bike park to the mountains, here’s our pick of the best electric mountain bikes for all types of terrain
Best electric bikes under £1,000 2024
Our guide to the best bang for your buck e-bikes under a grand
Best electric commuter bikes 2024
Make your journey to work a breeze with the best commuter e-bikes
Get the best range from your e-bike
Don't want to find yourself out of power when you're out riding? Ready our handy tips
Best electric folding bikes 2024
From commuters to leisure, our round-up of the best electric folding bikes
Best electric gravel bikes 2024
Our pick of the best electric gravel bikes for adventuring off-road
Best electric bikes under £3,000 2024
From gravel bikes to cargo bikes to urban bikes - all for under £3k
Best step-through electric bikes 2023
Our pick of the best accessibly designed e-bikes
Hub motor or mid motor? What's the difference? (+ video)
Which kind of e-bike motor would suit you best? We outline the pros and cons
E-scooters and the law
You can certainly buy them... but where can you ride them?
8 tips for commuting by e-bike all year round
Here’s our guide to continuing to use your electric bike through the wind and rain and cold and dark
Winter e-bike tips: bike and battery care in colder weather
Find out how to ride, care for and store your e-bike when the temperature plummets
Best electric folding bikes under £2,000 2023
From multi-modal commutes to urban excursions, our guide to the best folding e-bikes under £2,000