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Electric bike news

First look: EBCO and Pulse 2017 bikes
Cycle-to-work bikes for as little as £799 and on-board diagnostics across the EBCO range
Shimano STEPS set to headline the Cycle Show + more e-bikes
The September Birmingham bike show is set to feature heavy doses of e-bike fun, with Shimano sponsoring the popular e-bike village
Eurobike 2016: six new e-bike drive systems
All sorts of companies had all sorts of drives on show at Eurobike. Here are six of the most interesting.
E-bikes central to push for vehicle-free Oxford Street
A consortium of six businesses has signed up to trial e-bikes as central London delivery alternatives
Eurobike 2016 e-MTB roundup
All the latest trends in electric mountain bikes laid bare! Plus some other bits and bobs
Eurobike 2016 urban bike roundup
City bikes to cruisers: all sorts of options for getting around town
Bianchi show off e-Doardo urban prototype
Striking urban bike is set to be in the 2018 range
New Eurobike tech: Bike2 chain-free e-bike system
Who needs a chain? not you, if you’ve got one of these…
First ride: Relo Drive system
Easy to fit, modular system that you can add to any bike. And take off.
Watch: World record E-bike Cycle Tourists talk e-bikes
Gary and Rachel Corbett - holders of the e-bike long distance world record - have produced a documentary about their experience riding e-bikes