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Swytch launches smaller, lighter version of its e-bike conversion kit

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Alex Bowden

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1 year 11 months ago

The new kit is backwards-compatible with the existing Swytch kit. It seems it will be possible to buy a new battery and holder to work with the existing motor and parts. I was hoping a new battery would fit in the existing battery clamp. I liked the idea of being able to carry a packet-sized spare when the charge has run out on my existing battery. But this would make the original battery obselete.

I'm still interested, depending on pricing. The Swytch kit is decent though. I've put it on a Brompton and it's great for zipping around town on and helps me carry stuff. It's kinda noisy compared to an expensive Bosch mid-motor but that is hardly surprising or a fair comparison. It's certainly acceptable in terms of noise and I wouldn't consider it a show-stopper.

Nice to see Swytch continue to develop and provide more options.

kil0ran's picture
1 year 11 months ago

Interesting. Plenty of options there too for styling it/skinning it. Maybe add an accessory mount top and bottom (camera/computer top, light underneath). Does the original kit provide direct power for lights?