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Electric bike news

First ride: Relo Drive system
Easy to fit, modular system that you can add to any bike. And take off.
Watch: World record E-bike Cycle Tourists talk e-bikes
Gary and Rachel Corbett - holders of the e-bike long distance world record - have produced a documentary about their experience riding e-bikes
Global e-bike sales set to hit $24.3 billion by 2025
E-bikes, the highest selling electric vehicle on the planet, are set to continue to boom over the next 9 years
New PULSE affordable e-bikes launch
The company behind the EBCO range have a new brand with prices starting from £799
Did you spot the e-bike in Rio? Here's a closer look
In an Olympic first an e-bike replaced the petrol-engine powered derny for the keirin event
Twinburst bring the power to both wheels
What? Your bike only has one motor? You're missing out...
Helmet laws change to accommodate e-bikes in the Netherlands
From January cyclists riding certain e-bikes will be required to wear helmets similar to those worn by motorcyclists
Insane 'space-grade' Biceps e-bike available for £18k
The 'Biceps' edition of the M55 Terminus looks as crazy as it sounds - and it's had a 50% discount!
Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged show looks at e-bikes
Red Dwarf star and electric car evangelist gets on two wheels
E-bike sales in 2015 boom across Europe
One in three bikes sold in the Netherlands was an e-bike, according to CONEBI