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Electric bike news

The world's first 'Tesla Cyberbike'
The YouTube star decided to get creative when he got to try out a yet-to-be-released Super73 e-bike... by hiding the bike's chassis with a cover that looks like the infamous Tesla Truck!
Specialized launch new lightweight e-bike the Turbo Levo SL
Lighter than regular Levo, is this the future of e-bikes?
First look: Kinesis Rise
British bike brand Kinesis launched their first e-bikes in late 2019, and we've been lucky enough to get hold of one for testing...
Electric scooters to be made legal in UK
The UK could finally fall in line with the rest of Europe by legalising electric scooters to use on streets and cycle paths, with a consultation on micro-mobility vehicles launching next month
Forme leak the Flash and Monyash e-road bikes
The lightweight Flash E looks hot to trot with a Fazua motor system and a super clean, integrated frame, while the Peak District-based brand have also launched the gravel-inspired Monyash e-road model
The Podride e-bike has a roof and 4 wheels
This cool contraption is the ultimate e-bike for the fair weather e-biker, and described as being like a sofa on wheels!
40 million e-bikes sold in 2034, say Deloitte
Deloitte's research claims that improvements in the lithium-ion battery and better pricing will lead to an e-bike boom, and cyclists will double worldwide between now and 2022
The solar powered e-bike with unlimited range
This homemade e-bike can go forever and ever as long as the sun is shining, and it has plenty of room to carry everything its inventor needs to live a completely nomadic lifestyle!
The Ösa e-motorbike gets your mtb to the trails
Swedish innovators Cake have made a super modular e-motorbike that can take your bike up the trail, transport all your stuff or even act as a workbench!
Fuel10k giving away five Gocycles
The nutrition brand are offering anyone who buys a promotional Fuel10k product the chance to win a Gocycle GX between January and April, with other smaller prizes to be won too
E-bikes worth £7,000 stolen in Weymouth
Police are appealing for witnesses after the break-in at Mud Sweat and Gears on New Year's Eve, with three high value e-bikes stolen.
eBikeTips E-bike of the Year Awards 2019/20
We've whittled down everything we've reviewed over the past 12 months to pick five category award winners: Urban e-bike, Folding e-bike, Road e-bike, Sub £1K e-bike and e-cargo bike PLUS one overall victor!
Lithium-sulfur batteries could give 5x more range
A team of scientists claim they've created a battery that offers five times more energy than a lithium-ion battery, and they've also cracked how to increase its lifespan
CES Show 2020: e-bike highlights
We round up some of the coolest, weirdest and wackiest bike-related things on show at CES 2020...
'World's first hydrofoil e-bike' at CES Show
After years of fine-tuning, Manta5's bike that can ride on water is in production and is being showcased at the CES Show this week
Extra £700,000 for e-bike purchases in Scotland
The money will be allocated to fund an interest-free loan scheme, whereby Scots can purchase an e-bike worth up to £6,000 with a four-year repayment period on the loan
Trek unveil brand new Domane+ LT
The Americans have launched a lighter version of their electrified Domane e-road bike, with Fazua's Evation system that has a removable battery and sleek integrated controls...
New incentives give Netherlands another e-bike boost
The Dutch will be able to take advantage of a new leasing scheme to get e-bikes from their employers for less, and will also be reimbursed per kilometre for travelling for business by bike...
Are new Bosch smart glasses e-bike compatible?
The tech giants have teased a video showing a cyclist with a heads-up display thanks to their new smart glasses tech
Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees completes e-bike challenge
Marvin Rees was challenged by e-bike brand Volt to travel to all his Mayoral engagements by e-bike over two weeks, and he passed with flying colours...