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An e-bike on cycle lanes but an electric moped on the road – BMW’s geofencing vision of the future of electric bikes


1 week 14 hours ago

Secret_squirrel, the geofencing could use 5G or other local RF tech, just sayin'.

But the UK's few and "Now you see it, now you don't" bike lanes put me on the side of "This is bonkers". 

1 week 6 days ago

Will the geofencing automatically put a motorcycle helmet on for me when it works out that I'm on the road and not the adjacent bike lane?

2 weeks 9 hours ago

"Manual selection of the different modes would be possible" - right, and now someone can do 60kph in an urban bike lane. 

2 weeks 10 hours ago

On they other hand, if they can successfully geofence this, surely they can geofence an M5 and restrict it to the speed limit. And 15 MPH or less in parking lots, 5 MPH in driveways, and refusing to enter pedestrianized zones, or to park on the pavement or in a cycle path.

2 weeks 12 hours ago

BMW appear to be drunk. Anyone who has used  a poorly segregated bike lane knows full well that GPS doesn't have the resolution to determine which bit is bike lane and and which bit is road.  An accident in the making and a massive liability issue for BMW.  There is zero chance of these reaching production. 

2 weeks 13 hours ago

So we can expect SUVs being re-classified according to what the local roads are like, so we get followed down a cycle lane by something the size of a Sherman tank but its OK because it's electric and been "reclassified" ?frown