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Cube has developed BMW’s tilting e-cargo bike concept (+ video)


2 years 4 days ago

Apologies image went missing:


2 years 4 days ago

Meh.  Seen it before...

All good that the automotive giants are coming on board I guess - not that there's any stopping them. Not entirely suprising this looks more like a car engineer's version of a bike in terms of weight and engineering.  I'm more accoustic in inclindation and I'd echo Bosch's concerns that regulation will be lobbied back in the direction of "car-lite". Or taken there by fiat because BMW etc. produce "more than e-bikes" and enough people buy them that the legislation then follows the reality.  On the positive side this is probably a small fraction of a car's energy use / materials resource use / potential to leave polluting waste at the end of its life.