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Electric bike reviews

Ebco Adventure 3R

A good option if you’re looking for a sub-£2,000 adventure e-bike

Yamaha Booster Easy

High quality, comfortable and stylish urban ride

Raleigh Centros Hub Gear

Great motor and excellent range, but the hub gears may not agree with everyone

Raleigh Motus Tour

A decent value urban and commuting e-bike for flatter terrain

Estarli e28.8 Trapez

With neat presentation and clean design, Estarli's e28 refresh has been a success

Swifty Routemaster

Cheap and reasonably cheerful for an occasional ride

Gin X

A good package for your money

Ado Air 28

Comfortable, capable and low-maintenance at a competitive price

CYC Photon e-bike conversion kit

Superb smooth power from a premium priced conversion kit

Cairn E-Adventure Rambler

A versatile e-gravel bike that will tackle anything you ride it on

Riese and Muller UBN 5 Touring

The UBN’s new mid-drive system heralds a new era of powerful yet lightweight urban models

Claud Butler Wrath 2.0

A leisure electric mountain bike that thrives on compact off-road surfaces.

Pure Advance+

Innvovation and sturdy manufacture make for a safe and fun e-scooter

Engwe Engine X

Cheap, but the ride isn’t great and the whole build feels very basic

Merida eSPRESSO City 400 EQ

A few small niggles, but a very versatile e-bike that works well everywhere from busy urban streets to relaxing woodland treks

Surge Traveler P5e

A unique and very practical electrical folder for general use

Trek Fuel EXe 9.5

An excellent quality trail eMTB with a superb drive system - as long as you don't want to ride epic distances

Ampler Curt 11 speed

An efficient and natural-feeling ride for commuting and bikepacking duties

Super Soco TSx

Great value and impressive performance from a low speed electric motorbike

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus

Excellent compact utility bike with loads of improvements over version 1 and still decent value