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Electric bike reviews

Super Soco TSx

Great value and impressive performance from a low speed electric motorbike

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus

Excellent compact utility bike with loads of improvements over version 1 and still decent value

Rad Power Bikes RadRhino 6 Plus

A big, comfortable bike for leisure rides

Fiido E-Gravel

Attractive and stylish lightweight performer

Estarli e20.7 Original Pro

a neat little package for not a huge amount of cash

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

A highly capable workhorse that's also great fun to ride

Himiway Cruiser

Fun for short rides on the flat, in wide open spaces

Honbike Uni4

Smooth-riding, light on maintenance and very nice to look at, the Honbike Uni4 gets you a touch of the unusual

Canyon Pathlite:ON 9 LTD SUV

Highly capable e-bike in all situations with the added benefit of the latest Bosch Smart System developments

Ado Air 20

A nice low faff urban e-folder if you don’t ask too much of it

Mark2 X-Cross 520

An excellent general-purpose bike that can be geared toward longer rides but will do just as well for commuting

Niu MQi+ Sport

A fun and fast e-moped

Volt Infinity

A solid performer for the money and the hub gear system and automatic shifting are a real bonus


Sleek, fast and high quality e-bike for long commutes and touring

Ebikeoutlet Neodrives conversion kit

Superb value, high quality kit, but securing the back axle properly is important

Haibike AllMtn 2 e-MTB review

An affordable first e-bike but requires upgrades to eke out full performance

Cytronex for Brompton T Line

The best lightweight e-folder out there

Riley RS3 E-scooter

One of the very few fully folding e-scooters delivers the fold but lacks a bit on the performance front

Velosta 1

Very effective around town e-cargo bike 'lite'

Wisper Tailwind Comfort

A well-built all-rounder almost anyone would be happy with