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Electric bike reviews

Eskuta KS450

Practical e-scooter as long as you don't mind the shortish range

Raleigh Trace

Great lightweight sporty option with (almost) full equipment

Levit Tumbi

A comfortable gateway bike into the world of active transport but with a few shortcomings

Swytch e-bike conversion kit 2022

Good value and performance in a lightweight package


Impressive hill climbing and improved range now part of MiRiDER's offering

Squirt E-Bike Chain Wax

Messy to apply yet effective drip wax lube - but not the best.

Eskute Netuno

Decent budget option for moderately challenging off-road conditions

Powunity BikeTrax GPS e-bike tracker

A very good way to track your expensive e-bike, and have peace of mind you will most likely be found if you crash

LaVita Boost e-bike conversion kit

Minimalist kit with pretty smooth performance for a great price

Eskuta SX250

Great at what it sets out to do - give a moped ride within e-bike limitations

Tenways CGO800S

A high quality city e-bike at an attractive price

Vello Bike+

Simple to use e-folder with the excellent latest generation 'all-in-one-hub' Zehus motor system

Riese & Muller Superdelite Mountain Rohloff

A powerful, robust, low maintenance touring e-MTB that offers plenty of range - but it don't come cheap

Levit Chilo 3

Folds down well, offers good assistance and is well priced, but also boasts a few oddities and failings

Carla Cargo Trailer

Simply the best heavy duty trailer out there

Marin Sausalito E2

A fantastic commuter e-bike offering natural assistance and great range

Mycle Cargo

A good longtail cargo option at a very good price

Dallingridge Malvern

Sound performance and good value for money

Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike

A practical, spacious and powerful e-cargo bike - if you've got somewhere big enough to store it

Dallingridge Oxford

Certainly one of the better budget folders out there