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Electric bike reviews

Axon Pro 7

Interesting take on a lightweight single speed that just falls short of its high ideals

Revolutionworks Whippet

Great for throwing around the city, but a bit rough around the edges and with questions around quality control

Oxygen S-Cross MTB MKII

Decent hub-motored leisure e-MTB

Specialized Turbo Como 3.0

The traditional Dutch style town bike gets brought right up to date in style

Gocycle G4

New, even punchier motor means best-in-class electric folding performance

VanMoof S3

More than just an e-bike; a full package for urban travel

Cairn BRAVe 1.0 Drop Bar review

Capable, versatile and fun. The BRAVe is also impressive value and a well rounded package

Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 (2021)

Great value all round trail bike with commuting potential

Ribble Endurance AL e Enthusiast Shimano 105 2021

Carrying over all of the fun, versatility and easy-to-live-with attributes of the AL, but with the added va va voom of a motor

Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

A great bike for e-bike newbies, but there’s one little thing that holds it back

Eskute Voyager

Lower gearing and sharper braking would make it probably the best value budget leisure e-MTB out there

Cowboy 3

A great-looking bike, but with a number of downsides that make it hard to recommend

Kinesis Lyfe

A good-looking and smooth-riding e-bike that’s perfect for city streets, but doesn’t seem great value

Eskute Wayfarer

Good for a cheap bike, with solid build and decent power

2021 Canyon Grail:ON CF 7.0

Sleek looks and superb Bosch motor deliver an impressive but expensive overall package.

MATE City+

Okay folding bike but power is under par

Crussis e-Cross 1.6 Mens Hybrid

Wonderfully sporty yet efficient motor system allied with nicely designed frame with smoothly integrated batteries

Benno RemiDemi 9D

Good quality compact cargo bike that can be built with a range of luggage options

Riverside 540e

Solid leisure e-bike with good motor system and quality componentry


Decent jack-of-all trades bike that's a fun ride, but trying to be all things leads to compromises