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Electric bike reviews


Decent jack-of-all trades bike that's a fun ride, but trying to be all things leads to compromises

BMC AlpenChallenge AL Sport One

A high quality sporty hybrid with a smooth ride and quiet motor

Scott Addict eRide Premium

Fast, comfortable, sweet-handling road bike with the benefit of smooth power assistance

Islabikes e-Janis

Very well-considered flatbar e-bike for city trips and beyond

Riese & Muller Homage GX - 2021 Dual Battery and Nyon

New dual battery and Nyon display plus off-road tyres means the new Homage is now a true all rounder

Ribble CGR AL e Step Through Enthusiast – Shimano 105

Appealing and easy-to-use step-through e-bike

Bosch Nyon display unit

Excellent fully featured display unit with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity

Apache Wakita City

A really good budget e-bike for day-to-day use

E-Trends Trekker

Reasonable budget e-bike but with cost compromises

Perry eHopper

Great frame, poor motor power, acceptable weight

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 3 Open

A well-balanced city bike the mixes urban practicality with a rugged build


Well thought through design that will delight train-bike commuters looking for more choice than the current usual suspects of Brompton and Gocycle.

MiRider 2021

The e-bike that makes a little go a long way

Tern GSD S10 2021

The new updated GSD is still the pick of the bunch, and this is the pick of the specs.

Cube Compact Hybrid

A practical and fun town bike

Ribble CGR AL e (SRAM Apex 1x 650b)

Intuitive, discreet electric bike that fit riders will take to new extremes

E-Trends City

Decent cheap city workhorse, but a few too many compromises to recommend

Rad Power Bikes Radwagon 4

An excellent budget load carrier that’ll be enough cargo bike for many

Ridgeback Butcher

Quirky cargo bike that’ll turn heads, but not as practical as other designs

Ridgeback Advance

Superb style and powerful but super-economical motor performance, though the price tag is on the high side