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Electric bike news

Swagtron launch the EB12
Swagtron, best known for their e-scooters and hoverboards, have launched an electric city bike at a very pleasing price point...
E-bikes will lead to "mega transformation"
The Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams has said e-bikes will play a crucial part in changing how people think about urban mobility in the future...
Yamaha launches revamped 2020 motors
The flagship PW-X2 and 'sportive' PW-ST motors have landed, and the drive systems now include Yamaha's Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode technologies
Lyft e-bike batteries catching fire
The share scheme was halted on Wednesday afternoon after there were numerous reports of batteries catching fire, described as "disturbing" by a neighbourhood supervisor
FLIT-16 folding e-bike launches on Kickstarter
'Flit through the city in style' say the creators of this new e-folder that is purported to be lighter and simpler than all those before it...
Halfords say 'e-bike myths' hampering sales
The strange modern day urban e-bike myths uncovered by the retailer suggest why some may be reluctant to buy an electric bike, from assuming they need insurance to thinking they aren't weatherpoof...
VanMoof rejects website’s hacking claims
Digital Trends says it bypassed alarm and removed SIM which allows bike to be tracked
Cornwall e-bike shop ram raided
Top Gear Ltd Electric Bikes in Cornwall were sadly ram raided at the weekend, with significant damage done to the frontage of the shop - but at least the thieves turned out not to be the brightest bunch, making off with just one charger-less e-bike...
Ruth Cadbury MP: "The big growth will be e-bikes"
The Labour MP, co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycli Group, says incentives should be offered for those choosing sustainable transport
E-bike hire companies accused of blocking pavements
A disability rights campaigner has called for more communication after 150 new Freebikes were introduced in Islington this week, with some allegedly blocking access to pavements