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Electric bike news

E-bikes worth £7,000 stolen in Weymouth
Police are appealing for witnesses after the break-in at Mud Sweat and Gears on New Year's Eve, with three high value e-bikes stolen.
eBikeTips E-bike of the Year Awards 2019/20
We've whittled down everything we've reviewed over the past 12 months to pick five category award winners: Urban e-bike, Folding e-bike, Road e-bike, Sub £1K e-bike and e-cargo bike PLUS one overall victor!
Lithium-sulfur batteries could give 5x more range
A team of scientists claim they've created a battery that offers five times more energy than a lithium-ion battery, and they've also cracked how to increase its lifespan
CES Show 2020: e-bike highlights
We round up some of the coolest, weirdest and wackiest bike-related things on show at CES 2020...
'World's first hydrofoil e-bike' at CES Show
After years of fine-tuning, Manta5's bike that can ride on water is in production and is being showcased at the CES Show this week
Extra £700,000 for e-bike purchases in Scotland
The money will be allocated to fund an interest-free loan scheme, whereby Scots can purchase an e-bike worth up to £6,000 with a four-year repayment period on the loan
Trek unveil brand new Domane+ LT
The Americans have launched a lighter version of their electrified Domane e-road bike, with Fazua's Evation system that has a removable battery and sleek integrated controls...
New incentives give Netherlands another e-bike boost
The Dutch will be able to take advantage of a new leasing scheme to get e-bikes from their employers for less, and will also be reimbursed per kilometre for travelling for business by bike...
Are new Bosch smart glasses e-bike compatible?
The tech giants have teased a video showing a cyclist with a heads-up display thanks to their new smart glasses tech
Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees completes e-bike challenge
Marvin Rees was challenged by e-bike brand Volt to travel to all his Mayoral engagements by e-bike over two weeks, and he passed with flying colours...
Uber offer free e-bike rides to polling stations
If you still haven't cast your ballot, you can take advantage of a free ride to the polling station in London from Uber's bikeshare scheme Jump
Wheels e-bikes now come with helmets included
The startup who currently operate in the US and Sweden have integrated helmets onto their hire bikes, and are offering 20% discounts to riders for using the helmet during a booking
130 million e-bike sales in next 3 years
The forecast from Deloitte also predicts cycling to work will increase by 1% globally, and that e-bikes will continue to hugely outsell other electric vehicles in the 2020’s and beyond
Singpore e-bikers will need to pass theory test
Singapore's Ministry for Transport has said that e-bike and e-scooter riders will have to pass the test before riding their vehicles in public
Bolt Bikes for couriers can be rented weekly
Bolt say their new bike made for commercial use is the world's first platform for electric delivery vehicles, offering a cost-effective last mile delivery solution
Xiaomi Himo H1: Weirdest e-bike ever?
With tiny wheels and an extremely compact design, the Himo H1 weighs just 13kg and has around 20km of range
Age-related disability 'contributes to e-bike incidents'
The report found that of 20 incidents that resulted in serious injury, 12 e-bikers were over 65 and incidents where the rider wasn't wearing a helmet were more severe
Tern's GSD giveaway helps non-profit organisations
The e-cargo bike specialists give away five of their GSD's every year, and have updated us on how the bikes are supporting non-profit businesses
E-mountain bikers get same exercise as other cyclists
Another study has offered fresh evidence to dispel the 'e-bikes are cheating' myth, finding that e-mountain bikers' heart rates were within 10 beats per minute of another group riding standard pedal assist mountain bikes
Northern Ireland "missing out on e-bike revolution"
Insurers Quotezone and Compare NI have identified that Northern Ireland is missing out by still classifying e-bikes as mopeds, and the extra cost of tax and insurance is putting off potential e-bikers