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Peugeot aims to modernise its e-bike range with new 'digital' models


7 months 3 weeks ago

That step-thru looks a bit odd, but it's quite a thoughtful design. It could accomodate a very large, long, battery pack that looks to be removable via the base of the tube; that's actually a good security feature, as when the bike is locked up, it would be very difficult to steal the battery.

It also keeps the cable runs very short, with the battery being located so close to the motor and also the control/display panel. Makes internal routing easy too.

The motor is rotated from the usual low position and is a bit better protected from knocks and water spray, but perhaps not as much airflow for cooling.

It's just missing a rear rack, a head-tube mount for a front basket and the integrated lights could be better (I'm not a fan of rear lights down near the rear axle).

7 months 3 weeks ago

'Distinctively shaped'?
You spelled 'butt ugly' wrong.