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Tony Tompkins

Tony's journey into the world of e-bikes began in 2016, sparked by a doctor's advice to overhaul his lifestyle and lose weight. Within a year, he transitioned to a regular bike and has since covered nearly 40,000 miles on his road bike. His passion for e-bikes led him to start writing about them in 2018. 



1 month 2 weeks ago

 very much wanted to like Gin. They are local to me and I visited their office in Regus to try the bike. I met Rahul and decided to place an order at the end of November. I was told delivery would be just before or after the New Year.


It has taken three months for the bike to finally be available, during which time I have received multiple conflicting information about when it would arrive.


When picking it up in the time window provided by Gin, no-one was available at the Lok N Store address they provided. When someone arrived after 40 minutes they did not supply the accessories that were supposed to come with the bike and, when queried, all the accessories were not even available. Communication within the company is totally lacking it seems.


Sadly, I recommend you look elsewhere if you are in the market for an ebike.

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