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Revos eBike Kit With 200Wh Battery

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Dave Atkinson

Dave was the launch editor of ebiketips and is a cycling journalist with over two decades of experience writing about all sorts of bikes. He also writes for ebiketips' sister publication,, and is most often seen out and about in town on his orange Tern GSD. 


1 year 9 months ago

I bought the Revos kit. I have used it for a year or so. Mostly it is great but there are a couple of niggles. I really wouldn’t recommend it if you are going to be riding in wet weather. Although I have mudguards fitted with a gap for the roller it only helps partially and sends the water elsewhere specifically all over your feet and drivetrain. It’s hardly surprising when you think about it. The roller is interrupting the path of the water and when it hits it, the water is sent everywhere. I have had to do a lot more drivetrain cleaning since fitting it. I also arrive at my destination with very wet feet. 

I don’t find it gives the level of assistance uphills that I would have expected either. There doesn’t seem to be much torque.  On the whole it is a great kit and well made. It is much lighter that anything else and I would recommend it most of the time depending on where you ride. My commute is a flattish 9 miles each way. It manages that no problem but as the reviewer says it isn’t much good on hills. On balance though I wish I had bought one with a wheel motor instead. I note that Revos are doing a bike with a hub motor themselves now so maybe that is telling. I bought it because I anted to arrive at work without needing a shower as ours were closed off during COVID. It does that really well. I do think it is quite expensive for what it is but perhaps that isn’t surprising given the size of the business.

1 year 11 months ago

"Realistically this system is designed to be fitted to something like a city bike or a single speed, with metal tubes and pretty standard geometry."

I would expect that most people who ride this type of bike also have/want mudguards fitted, so without some large modification to the mudguards this system has a very limited market.

1 year 11 months ago

I like the design


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