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Carrera Crossfire E 2020

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Carrera Crossfire E 2020

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Richard Peace took to full-time outdoor writing/photojournalism after stints in an office and as an English teacher abroad. His cycling route guide books include the best-selling Ultimate C2C Guide and the Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner plus Electric Bicycles. He has written for various media about many aspects of cycling


1 year 10 months ago

Buyer beware with the CrossFire E: My partner originally had the earlier version which suffered from regular intermittent cutting out.  Halfords replace that with the latest version, which looks to have improved electrical cable routing and has a different (and vastly worse) battery charging socket.  That one lasted less than a week before it started cutting out too.

When we took the second one back the chap in the shop admitted they'd had problems with bikes with the Suntour set up.  Halfords were excellent about the whole thing and gave us a full refund on the second one which we used to buy a bike with a midmounted Bosch motor.  As the review says, now those are down to < £1500 I'd definitely recommend the Bosch.  "Buy cheap, buy twice" proved accurate in this case.

We are no buy no means an isolated incident of this as googling Crossfire E will quickly confirm.  I think the reviewers should really be covering this, it's been a known issue for years.

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