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Carrera Subway E

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Dave Atkinson

Dave lives at the top of a big hill and his office is at the bottom, so he's all in favour of a helping hand. Plus, e-bikes are fun! He's the editor of ebiketips and one of the founders of EBT's road cycling sister site, He used to work on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike back in the day, and he's a former mountain bike bog snorkelling World Champion. Really.


3 years 11 months ago

Firstly great write up from Jack, I have owned the bike since the beginning of August, Halfords didn't allow my review to be posted and I would have liked to understand why, the bike did 2 miles before complete shutdown and showing code error 21 on the display, as you can imagine I was not best pleased but halfords were great and had the bike a week to replace the faulty ECU unit.

So onto round two, I took the bike out for a simple 15 mile ride and it worked a dream, brakes very good but can judder if that's the right word, the display is simple and easy to use, the gearing as with all new bikes is constantly in need of adjustment, you will never use gears 1 to 4 unless going up a very steep hill, I have used the battery on eco / standard and high and high will drain the battery quite fast (I'm 80kg) and this being my first electric bike due to the hills becoming more and more demanding as the years pass so only use the high mode when approaching and going uphill.

NOW THE BAD .. taking this bike out in the rain is a problem, the battery compartant is not waterproof and water collects inside at the bottom where the connectors are, I purchased a battery cover and a downtube mudguard fender in a attempt to stop this and has failed, so i have also purschased velco strips and attached to the cover and pulled it tighter, this worked and repelled the water with the fender. To sell e-bikes in the UK and the battery having no protection from the elements was very poor, so if you are thinking of purchasing this bike unless you do what I have done the inside of your battery will soon become wet if out in the rain.


3 years 12 months ago

There is a review on here of the 2017 Ease E bike -

3 years 12 months ago

I know the issue.  I'm only just under a 120kg after several years of trying to lose weight.  Giant as a brand tend to be the best for the heavier rider.  They do a £1399 ebike Ease-E+ 2 which has a maximum rider weight of 136kg (and a maximum overall weight inc luggage of 150kg.  No idea what the bike is like specifically, but they generally get good reviews.  Even their cheap commuter bikes (Escape 3) @ £400 has a 136kg rider limit.

3 years 12 months ago

The carrera mountain bike is on sale at 899 and has a user weight limiyptbof 120kg which is pretty close. Nice bike too....

3 years 12 months ago

Hi Everyone I really would like to get cycling with an E bike but i'm 127Kg thats outside the user max for this bike. Please could someone recommend a suitable bike at a affordable price. Thank you.


3 years 12 months ago

A wee review after a few days would be nice. I am very tempted.

3 years 12 months ago

Thanks for the information SM. That's still not a bad weight considering the big tires and steel forks. The battery should be ok with the torque control system making the bike more efficient. A reviewer on the halfords site said he did a hilly 28 mile ride in Wales and still had battery left. I pick mine up tomorrow and will be using it to do a flattish 22 mile commute (11 each way), so I should make that comfortably. I decided on a ebike because I wanted to ride to work, but it just seemed too much either side of a 12 hour shift. Now instead of using the car, I can get some exercise without dreading it. I'm 50 this year and hopefully this will keep me healthy for longer. If we leave the EU, it would be good if we could set the speed restriction to 20mph like other countries, as I think this would encourage more people to commute by ebike. Cheers

3 years 12 months ago

Thanks for that, so light but not exceptional. Still, my wife’s Carreras crossfire had the Hesc system and she had a lot of fun with it. I hope you enjoy your new bike and have many happy miles on it. Ebike are fun. Did 35 miles this weekend ( two trips) on my Carrera folder and it was lovely. Halfords make good bikes, but I might have to go to rubble for a really light bike. Really appreciate you taking the trouble. Dermot.

3 years 12 months ago

Please ignore the complete lack of spelling in the last comment Blum 3

The picture doesn't seem to have uploaded.  So the details are:

Model: EBP30A093C1

36 V - 8.7Ah - 313.2Wh

3 years 12 months ago

Okay.  So I've weight the 16" frame.  Without the battery it does weight 18kg (18.1/18.2 on a set of electric luggage scales).  With the battery on it's 20.5kg or so.  Hope that helps.

I've attached a picture, but the battery I have is 313.2Wh

3 years 12 months ago

Gents, I would also be interested in how much the bike weighs. The Standard bike is 14kg, so if they have managed to add only 4kg to make an ebike it would be impressive. Also, can you tell me what Ah the battery is? Halfords give two different ratings in their product description,  8.7Ah and 10.4Ah. They also claim it is 317Wh and 374Wh.  A bit confusing that. 

4 years 21 hours ago

That’s great, there isn’t a single one in Northern Ireland to try and as I have to lift it onto a camper it matters. Current bike is 22 kg

4 years 1 day ago

Hi Dermotkelly.  I have one arriving in the next couple of days.  I'll weight it once it gets here and let you know.

4 years 6 days ago

Halfords claim 18kg for the weight which would be great. Did you get a chance to weigh it?

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