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Best value electric cargo bikes 2024 – cost effective load luggers for carrying shopping, kids + more

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Rebecca Bland

Rebecca has been writing about e-bikes for four years, after a typically ill-timed career change pre-pandemic. She's been riding bikes since she can remember, and fell back in love with them after realising it was faster, cheaper, and more fun than getting the bus to work. Nowadays she enjoys all kinds of bikes, from road to eMTB and is training her border collie pup to become a trail dog. 


2 weeks 1 day ago

They all seem built for carrying passengers, rather than cargo.

Hardly my definition of a cargobike.

There's far, far better bikes out there than these, but I've never seen you road test anything that actually is a cargobike, just these bland hybrid bikes that want to be a do-it-all but without buying all the expensive accessories aren't actually as capable as reviewed.

Think I'll stick to my Larry vs Harry Bullitt for a few years more yet.