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Best electric cargo bikes 2023 – bikes to replace your car and carry plenty


4 weeks 10 hours ago

The Riese and Müller Multicharger deserves an honorable mention. My R&M Multicharger Mixte does everything I need. It carries my two 6 year old girls on the back. I takes a load of shopping between the two cargo bags and a Euro crate that fits perfectly within the safety bars where my girls normally sit. Rides pretty quick when I'm commuting. Handles hills and even some poorly paved trails and gravel paths. And I'm happy with the Bosch Performance Line CX smart system - I got the Connect Module so it's got an alarm and GPS tracker just in case. 

4 weeks 1 day ago

More mention of the many trailer options would be handy (maybe a separate article?). Ebikes are especially capable at trailer towing, being much less affected by the additional weight compared with a regular bike in my experience. My favourite is the Burley Travoy for its compactness when folded and adaptability, but there's a huge variety available at all sort of price points, includling the DIY option for anyone that way inclined.