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Richard Peace took to full-time outdoor writing/photojournalism after stints in an office and as an English teacher abroad. His cycling route guide books include the best-selling Ultimate C2C Guide and the Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner plus Electric Bicycles. He has written for various media about many aspects of cycling


7 months 3 weeks ago

It's like Sredlums says - this thing is not recognisable as a bicycle, and deliberately so. And yet the whole premise of e-bikes sheltering under the same legislative umbrella as bicycles is that they are very similar, basically the same in fact with just some mild assistance. Move too far away from that and the premise is false.

7 months 3 weeks ago

Want to have a laugh? Go check the accessories on Yamaha's website! I don't know if the prices are hacked, but come on - 60 pounds for a kickstand, over 200 pounds fora  though axle, and the list goes on! Chapeau if they are managing to sell them for those prices!

8 months 1 day ago

@Secret_squirrel: Yes, it is, very clearly, an ebike. The fact that is so clear that it is an ebike is actually confirming my point: ebikes are straying so far away from normal bikes, and also from what makes normal bikes so great, that it is quicly loosing those great assets.

They are no longer relatatively affordable, they are no longer almost maintenance free, they are no longer 'grab and go', they no longer last for decades, they are no longer lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, they are no longer simple and uncomplicated, and the list goes on.

It's only a matter of time before most people on ebikes will not pedal at all any more (most of the youth already don't), so the health benefit will also be gone. They will also go faster, bringing danger to the often inexperienced riders and those around them.

A good ebike SHOULD offer the same experience as a normal bike, with some e-assitence as an extra. In reality they are quicly becoming a whole other beast, and that change isn't for the better.

My dislike for these new kind of ebikes has nothing to do with narrow mindedness, but is based on simple facts.

8 months 1 day ago

Its an ebike.  There is no requirement for it to be the same as a bike.  You are missing the point.  It doesnt have to provide the same experience as cycling for a pootle to work or the shops.  Loose the narrow mindedness.

8 months 3 days ago

Straying further and further away from what made bicycles so awesome.

35kg, Yamaha motor, very low saddle making pedaling only excuse to still call it a 'bike'. Horrible.

8 months 1 week ago

35kg, yikes! At this point the 250W motor seems to there purely to overcome its own corpulence. Coupled with the poor pedalling dynamics and obvious reference to motorcycling style and heritage, the target market will soon be clamouring for more power, which is doubtless latent by design and will be only a simple intenet hack away.

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