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Tern GSD S10 2021

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Dave Atkinson

Dave was the launch editor of ebiketips and is a cycling journalist with over two decades of experience writing about all sorts of bikes. He also writes for ebiketips' sister publication,, and is most often seen out and about in town on his orange Tern GSD. 


3 years 6 months ago

I have original S00 version, and I have different views on the bike than this review:

- due to geometry and bike concept, load on front wheel is not sufficient, so it locks during braking too easily (brakes are really great). I have found that out on wet road, crashed, and broken my arm. On no other bike I have ever experienced anything similar, so I do not use bike on wet roads. New frame with slacker seat post only amplifies this.
- what is the maintenance schedule for the fork? This is a utility bike, so suspension service interval is very important.
- How can you fit powertube battery in such small frame? In my use (cargo+kid), one battery is sufficient if you do not use bike on max. assist mode.
- Shimano 10 speed may look ok, but in my experience, due to bike design (small wheels, panniers, frame parts), chain and drivetrain is very difficult to reach for maintenance. Bike demands very strong chain (due to heavy load), so I wonder how long will the cassette last. In my opinion, belt drive should be only option. My version (S00) demands long chain which is not easy to obtain, so I currently run two chains with two quick links. Drivetrain efficiency is not a priority on such heavy bike - I have never ridden it without power.

It is a great utility bike, but with significant drawbacks.

3 years 7 months ago

Also consider the Reise and Muller Multi charger Mixte if you are in the market for a lighter, more manageable and fun to ride cargo bike.

For £4k you get 11gears, gen4 bosch cx motor, std 500 battery/625 option and 65kg rear rack.

At 160kg all up rating, it won't (legally) carry a full size adult  unless pilot and passenger are both petite but it rides and handles like a normal bike, and at around 27kg and with 26" wheels mine rides surprisingly well off power, allowing me to extend the range on longer rides.

(26" tyres means plenty options too)

Our Mixte frame offers a nice relaxed seating position and is rideable by a range of rider heights.

Highly recommended if you want real cargo bike functionality, but also enjoy riding beyond the city on a range of terrains.

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