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Benno Boost E 10D CX


3 years 2 weeks ago

the wisdom i was trying to impart was that this bike has a very powerful motor, which you took issue wtih because your assumption was that all 250W motors are the same. so what you've done there is taken that greater experience that i have of e-bike motors, and dismissed it. but anyway: no, they're not all the same. hence why Bosch has three motors in its lineup below this one.

3 years 2 weeks ago

No, I don't know in what way they differ because indeed I have not tried many, so I seek enlightenment here. But I do know that they all have the same power, by law. So whatever difference you are alluding to, by implying that the difference is greater power you fail to impart the wisdom you have accumulated through your greater experience, which is a shame.

3 years 2 weeks ago

if you think all e-bike motors are the same, because they all have a continuously rated power of 250W, you clearly haven't tried a lot of e-bike motors

3 years 2 weeks ago

"Lots of motor power". Powerful motor" etc.

And yet, presumably exactly the same 250W motor power as almost every other ebike? So why is it emphasised as a particular feature on this bike, giving the distinct impression that its power elevates it above others?

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