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Tern GSD

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Dave Atkinson

Dave lives at the top of a big hill and his office is at the bottom, so he's all in favour of a helping hand. Plus, e-bikes are fun! He's the editor of ebiketips and one of the founders of EBT's road cycling sister site,


5 days 6 hours ago

Dave I really liked your review. Couple of questions

1. I want to put kids on the back of mine, should I be worried about the fact that the frame is aluminium and not something stringer?

2. Does the fact that the stem (?) flips down, will that be inherently weaker, slightly wobbly at that point?

Also, please can you review and XtrCycle Edgerunner? These are the 2 I am thinking about buying the GSD or the Edgerunner (not that I can find anywhere in UK that sells at Edgerunner)

thanks v much, Becky 

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