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Swiss mobility association recommends ABS for all e-bikes


3 months 4 days ago

Maybe that should be "lack of surprise as ' Swiss Touring Club (TCS), the country’s association representing drivers ' give the nod to ABS on bikes as well"?

3 months 4 days ago

Hmm... yes, improving things for all... and no-one wants to lock up the front especially.  And adding stuff to eBikes makes more sense than adding it to unpowered bikes.  And bike and component sellers will always want to ... sell stuff.  However I feel a "harrumph" coming on...

I guess it's inevitable that the gap between ebikes and motorbikes will close as manufacturers realise how many at a substantial price they can shift.  Which will increasingly happen as people adjusted to car prices and who just want to get from A to B (not "cyclists") start looking at "bikes" as serious mobility solutions. Also there's always the battle between "these {foot / spoon / rod / drum / canti / V / cable disc brakes} are dangerously weak - we need more brake!" and "these brakes are dangerously strong - you could lock a wheel!"

Finally - Shimano has form with their "Power Modulator" (they've had several versions).  I never had one but I noted that other people seemed to put them in the bin quick.