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Porsche has started developing its own e-bike motors


9 months 4 weeks ago

Oh good, more luxury ebikes. Just what the world needs at the moment, another push for cycling to become a rich persons hobby. 

I'm starting to dispair at the way our sport has been co-opted by the luxury 'brand' market as another status symbol. Bikes, and especially ebikes, should be accessible and affordable. They should even be subsidised. Government shouldn't give another penny to grants / loans for electric cars until they've established an accessible scheme for electric bikes.

9 months 4 weeks ago

Lovely. I can't wait to mount one on the back of my Porsche SUV and when I knock a cyclist off their bike I can say to the Police and later, the judge "see, I'm a cyclist too". 

9 months 4 weeks ago

Maybe the shallow, car obsessed media will now notice ebikes with a name like Porsche?