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Cowboy launches "streamlined" bike model "for the price conscious rider"

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Rebecca Morley

Rebecca has been in cycling journalism since 2018. She started out at trade title BikeBiz and still contributes features to its monthly magazine, and was also named one of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019.


10 months 2 days ago

Usual marketing drivel.  And while I applaud their assistance to Van Moof riders, they might be the next domino to topple.  The companies' finances aren't great, to put things mildly.

Things to remember:

1. As was said, never, ever buy an expensive product that can be electronically bricked up if the seller goes out of business;

2. If essential components are proprietary and no substitutes exist, walk away;

3. If maintenance of key components can ONLY be done at an official rep of the brand, consider if that's a limitation that you can live with (some other brands pull the same trick)

10 months 3 days ago

Read it twice and still baffled.

“When it comes to hardware, we wanted to create a bike from day one [wow, that early?] that retained the design aesthetic of our award winning bikes but with a streamlined set of features ..." So, that's the hardware being more streamlined, we're talking aero? But cheaper? Because it exceeds the needs of the rider? Or was it the software (because there was much written about software), which was restricted in scope to, er, exceed the needs of the rider, an urban one at that. To what extent did it meet the design brief for the needs of the rider beforehand?

The one bit I did get is never to buy an expensive piece of hardware that can be bricked at the pull of a plug - kudos to Cowboy for helping out there. But seriously, get some better people in your press office.