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10 of the best e-cargo bikes

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Rob Bushill

Rob Bushill has never been without a bicycle. Since his first teenage RSW16, there was a brief dalliance with triathlons in his early 20’s, then a cycle commuter to a desk in London for over a decade. For the last ten of his many years he has been selling, maintaining and building Cargobikes in the outskirts of Bristol at Really Useful Bikes. He is an advocate for Utility cycling.


1 year 8 months ago

Some friends have a Tern and use it for their school commute with their kids. It does look cool and it's certainly well made.

1 year 11 months ago

By far the best selling cargo bike in my city is this one, strangely overlooked in this article.


2 years 5 months ago

A useful article, thanks. Hauling heavy and bulky stuff is, IMO, where e-bikes really shine, as they're barely slowed in doing so (though range is decreased). It would be have been good though to mention trailers as an alternative or adjunct to e-cargo bikes as they allow one to use a regular e-bike, but have the option to add a large load carrying capacity when needed. Of my two trailers I use the Burley Travoy the most, while the Carry Freedom Y frame is better for heavier stuff, but not so easy to use. The Tern HSD has a dedicated trailer hitch apparently, which has moved up my N+1 list a few places.