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8 tips for commuting by e-bike all year round (+ video)

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Alex Bowden

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2 months 3 weeks ago

Studded tires in winter are a good investment. They hold firm on ice and E bike is not very sensitive to the increased drag they add on dry tarmac.

2 months 3 weeks ago

Get a pannier rack and decent panniers. Carry your work gear in one (including your work clothes to change in to) and a towel. I also carry spare bibs to change in to as I have no where to dry them at work and clammy wet clothes are horrible. Also carry a folded drybag for your wet clothes.

In the other, carry another jacket and some warm clothes (like a body warmer or similar), gloves, spare inner tube or two and a spare set of basic tools (tyre levers, Co2 and injector if using).Leave this one one the bike.

Few things worse than getting a puncture or other breakdown and being cold and wet.