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5 top tips for going car-free


2 years 10 months ago

Do it folks. For 20 years of marriage we've had a car (the boss drives, I don't), we sold it three months ago and used some of the money to electrify our MTBs (still have our carbon road bikes for weekends). It's made us so much happier with life and we've saved a huge amount of money already. Absolutely no regrets at all. 

2 years 10 months ago

Great stuff. My tip for anyone needing to carry stuff (or even more stuff if you've already got an e-cargo bike) is to add a trailer. My Burley Travoy is used almost daily and adds about 28kg of carrying capacity and around 100 litres at a push;  with a bit of ingenuity and some bungees it can be persuaded to haul all sorts of things. I've also used a Carry Freedom Y frame, which is better for heavier loads. And of course there's child trailers for the school run.