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Merida e.BIG Tour 400 EQ

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Dave Atkinson

Dave was the launch editor of ebiketips and is a cycling journalist with over two decades of experience writing about all sorts of bikes. He also writes for ebiketips' sister publication,, and is most often seen out and about in town on his orange Tern GSD. 


4 years 7 months ago

The fashion, especially noticeable on e-bikes I think, for having the rack supported by the mudguard might look smart, but just seems a pointless triumph of form over function to my mind. One of the many things e-bikes are fantastic for is carrying lots of stuff without being greatly slowed down on the climbs, and this set up places an unnecessary stress on a part of the bike not designed to cope with that. My Haibike came with this arrangement, but by fitting a couple of P-clips on the rack, a post clamp with the required threaded bolt holes and some tidy thin alloy bars of alloy I've added some extra support for the rack and can be reasonably confident of it coping with heavier loads.

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