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Riese & Müller Packster 40 Vario

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Riese & Müller Packster 40 Vario

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Christopher Phin

Chris would never have imagined that one day he’d describe himself as a cyclist, especially after trying and failing to adopt a cycle commute nearly 20 years ago. The difference is that now he rides an e-bike, and like most e-bike converts he now spends a distressing percentage of his time trying to persuade others to see the light.


3 years 3 months ago

I'v received mine at beginning of July: it's grey (nearly white) with wooden box. I am not using it for daily commute, but when I need shoping or carry stuff that cannot get easily in panniers of regular size (20L in my mind). I have been decided to buy this bike because it is a cargo, but remains small for such a bike: it is not wide and can easily go through regular doors; it is not too long and not too heavy, so I have been quickly accustomed to its handling. After an hour test, my bank account felt very empty, and a two month wait began (it happened in May)...

Main drawbacks I have spotted so far: Purion works very weel, but I find that it is not an improvement compared to Intuvia used on 2018 model (why such a choice for 2019 model ?), and I lack clock information; turning circle is quite large (by example, it is not possible to park this bike in bike lot at my office, because of two trickery turns at the entrance); gear twist controler may be fun (with small cyclist climbing a variable hill) but it lacks indications about rotation impact (you have to turn it to see consequence; "+" and "-" signs could habe been helpful); pedals are too small (I mean, they are not oversized as I like), and... globally, that's it.

I have already changed pedals and saddle; add a mirror, some reflective tape, and additional front and back lights (not very useful during summer, but helpful for winter mornings and evenings).

About steering: I don't think it is the weight of bike that can be felt when using only one hand on handlebar; it's rather the steering that forces to go straight with far more convinction than a regular bike fork (without rod) do.

It seems that Riese&Muller is readying a specific canopy for baby box; it can be seen in pictures on their site, but it is not clearly described:



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