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Remember that “Tesla” e-bike? There’s an auction – but details are… scant

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Alex Bowden

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3 years 1 week ago

Hmm, if it walks like a scam and smells like a scam and involves NTS's it probably is a scam.   Can I interest you in some Tulips?

3 years 2 weeks ago

Perhaps you have to collect the bike from these locations? Where are they? The second and third of are Mars and Moon, and the first one must be a bitcoin mine (there's a bitcoin in the foreground). So perhaps we should just descend into the nearest bitcoun mine and have a look at the real bikes there?

3 years 2 weeks ago

To go wrong, it would have to be right in the first place.

3 years 2 weeks ago

I've always wanted a bike that looks like it's made of Lego.

3 years 2 weeks ago

looks awful and no one will be able to fix it when it goes wrong