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Orbea launch revamped Gain e-road bike for 2021, with fully internal cables and integrated lighting

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Jack Sexty

Jack is the news editor here at eBikeTips, and also edits the live blog and writes tech news over on our sister site Jack first became fascinated with e-bikes when an elderly gentleman breezed past him without a care in the world up a big old hill in North Wales - thus realising e-bikes are the real deal! Although he genuinely enjoys time trials and lung-busting climbs without assistance, Jack likes nothing more than cruising round town on an e-bike during his days off.   


3 years 4 months ago

Great article, which now only adds to my confusion. So Jack, given the choice, what e-road bike would you choose if you were 66, still relatively fit, liked long, hilly cycles in the west of Scotland of between 30 and 50 miles with an average of 3-4000ft and was giving away about 10 years to his younger cycling mates?