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Orbea Katu-E

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Elies Dekoninck

Elies is a 5-day-a-week 4-season cycle commuter. Summer cycle touring is her cycling passion. For exercise she prefers to run off-road. She grew up in Holland and married a Belgian, so daily cycling is quite the norm in her family


4 years 6 months ago

I'd love to know what rear rack you found that mounted to the frame. I am having a bit of trouble finding one. Thanks.

4 years 7 months ago

My partner and I have been enjoying a Katu E for 2yrs+ now, it is an an earlier model with the perfect combination of Alfine 8 hub gears and Performance line (not CX) Bosch motor (capped at 53Nm in this case to protect the hub, but that doesn't seem to hold it back - motors up Sheffield hills in similar feeling fashion to my CX powered hybrid- even carrying a 130kg total of rider and load!

Nearest equivalent model now will be the KATU-E 20 19. (170mm cranks too!)

It is a brilliant little machine for urban duties, and as a family or 'pool' bike. Highly recommended. Why?:

- Fits my partner (5' 4") and also me (6') with just a quick slide of the seatpost. (In fact the short cranks help here, and you get used to them.)

- Quill type stem means easy handlebar height adjustment, although we both happily use it at max height.

- Nippy off the line and lots of fun round town (you quickly adapt to the Brompton like directness of the steering, and good brakes give confidence.)

- Stable when loaded, provided you use the front rack for bulkier/lighter items.

- reliable components.

- The Centre stand fitted on this model (as, unlike derailleurs there are no chain fouling issues) works well BUT a steering centreing spring would be a big improvement to stop front wheel flopping right back when bike is parked up on stand. (see piccy!)

Richard Attwood. Sheffield




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