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Had your e-bike stolen? BackPedal specialises in getting them back

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Rebecca Morley

Rebecca has been in cycling journalism since 2018. She started out at trade title BikeBiz and still contributes features to its monthly magazine, and was also named one of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019.


1 year 2 months ago

So basically the "recovery agents" make contacts with the criminal element in their local community, and let them know they will occasionally be looking for particular e-bikes and will buy them for £400, no questions asked. Once they have a reputation for doing what they say and not running a sting or contacting police, their job becomes really easy. Thieves get an easy and safe £400, recovery agent keeps £300 for two hours of work, and the company keeps £99 for putting their brand on the transaction. A cyclical economy in e-bike thefts and "recoveries" is created.

Or am I too cynical?