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Family of woman killed in e-bike fire begs MPs for tighter regulations and stricter enforcement

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Rebecca Morley

Rebecca has been in cycling journalism since 2018. She started out at trade title BikeBiz and still contributes features to its monthly magazine, and was also named one of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019.


6 months 2 weeks ago

There is definitely a problem to be solved, given the rapid rise of such incidents. I'm not sure what the solution is - safe reliable ebikes are readily available (and I presume conform to regulations) from reputable brands and retailers. How do you regulate against people buying rubbish off the Internet, how do you stop people blocking their only fire escape with them too?

Predictably many of the signatories to the petition have ulterior motives, the following is typical in the petition comments:

"E - bikes should be licensed and treated as road vehicles.

Most of these users are violating the rules of the highway code, riding without lights in the dark and using cycle paths!! And the fact is 95% of them do not speak English as the first language in London!! They are a menace, and if something isn't done about regulating these deathtraps, then these totals will go up more."

6 months 2 weeks ago

Buy only directly from reputed brands and never, ever purchase used batteries or buy anything charging-related on eBay, Amazon or -God forbid- Alibaba.  Also:  if you drop a battery, get it inspected even if there's nothing to see on the outside, it could be a ticking bomb.

6 months 2 weeks ago

If there is a genuine problem here put the liability on the marketplace - probably mostly eBay, I guarantee the problem - along with the products - will disappear overnight.

Advice wont work because there will always be someone who wants to save a few pounds.  Thats human nature.