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Luton fire was caused by “home-made” e-bike conversion


6 months 1 week ago

Also need to ensure the correct charger is used for the cell chemistry.

For example, LiFePo4 batteries have a lower nominal cell voltage of 3.2V, rather than 3.6-3.7V fr other Lithium cell chemistries.

8 months 1 week ago

it's time to legally restrict the sale of all batteries apart from via bona-fide UK registered companies selling stock that's been sourced through distrubutors that are also bona-fide UK companies.

Dodgy batteries / chargers / plugs have been sold by the million from Amazon marketplace and eBay etc and presents a massive risk - not just to the occupiers of properties that use them but also the adjacent properties / properties above and below in blocks of flats.