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Hub motor or mid motor? What's the difference? (+ video)


2 years 6 months ago

Maybe I'm wrong but the article read to me as someone very pro mid-drive motors rather than a unbiased report. Just in case you hadn't realised based on that article mid-drive motors use the smallest motors of all, often with cogs and belts to create their torque. They need specific frames which means when the motor fails the rest of the bike frame is recycled too. A mid-drive motor can cause massively shorten the life of drivetrain components where as a hub motor can extend the life perhaps 3x or more. Hub motors can also use torque sensors to vary power output with rider effort.  I would say mid-drive is the performance system for ebikes it delivers power in a better way but it can be unreliable and expensive plus companies like Bosch restrict the supply of spares and even make their battery packs encrypted so other companies can't make cheaper alternatives. It can be hugely expensive. As ever its best you try out different bikes you may love mid-drive or your may prefer geared hub or direct drive hub. There are so many variables. I'm a heavy rider so I went direct drive hub motor for the additional strength and load capacity.