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Are e-bike batteries safe? What’s the difference between a safe battery and a fire risk?


11 months 4 weeks ago

Calls to regulated ebike batteries/chargers

1 year 2 weeks ago

Pretty sure that mainstream branded ebikes/batteries/chargers are fine. I expect the problems start when people buy their ebike at the pub and anyold charger from ebay/Alibaba, or roll their own from a kit of parts and a YouTube video. The police ought to investigate the provenance of ebikes involved in house fires together with the bona-fides of the alleged owners.

1 year 4 weeks ago


1 year 4 weeks ago

Low quality chargers are sometimes the problem. Even something as simple as mains plug pins that are too short can cause arcing in the socket. The fire that results can be less complex than a Li-ion fire, but can easily spread to the battery.