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Merida Espresso / -L 500 EQ

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Ashley Quinlan

Ash is a roadie at heart (spot his kit reviews over on, but thinks e-bikes could be the future of everyday urban transport and make cycling more appealing to more people. Plus, he started competitive rowing recently, so e-bikes have the potential to help him carry his broken body up Bath's hills after training with minimal drama.


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5 years 2 weeks ago

I bought one of these Espresso after reading you article and I must say its a brilliant all round Ebike. I have changed the tyres to a more robust, country, puncture resistant type and I love this bike!  I understand your point about the gears and finding the right cadence but it's not a racing bike, its for plodding along so chill out!  Two thing though, this bike will ride up the steepest hill with ease and yet you can ride it with ease without any battery assistance.

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