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UK police could get remote shutdown weapon to stop e-bikes and e-scooters

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Rebecca Morley

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4 weeks 8 hours ago


Ok, so the bike motor shuts down, can't you simply keep pedaling it after that like a normal bike?

Then someone will come up with simple cheap solution, like wrapping the motor in aluminum foil.

1 month 6 hours ago

We will be safe from this in Scotland.

After all ... its not like Police Scotland have the technical ability to allow video reporting through a third part portal that *already exists* .. so this is highly unlikely 

1 month 8 hours ago

As usual the police are wasting their time on far fetched solutions that are designed to obfuscate the readily available alternatives.

To detect illegal eBikes all the police need to do is wait at the fast food outlets where Deliveroo and Just Eat etc collect. Then just wait - a new illegal bike will turn up every few minutes.

1 month 10 hours ago

It's great to know the police have finally eradicated the criminal use of motor vehicles and can now concentrate solely on bikes and scooters.

1 month 11 hours ago

Wont work on ebikes unless its the illegal motorbike type withiout pedals. even then they could free wheel away.

Scooters will slow faster due to the smaller wheels.

1 month 11 hours ago

Do Teslas first. 

1 month 11 hours ago

The rabidly anti-cylist Guardian illustrated this story, a week back, with a fine picture of Bill Murray as Venkman.

1 month 12 hours ago

Given that the normal reponse of the police is "yeah -  terrible problem but there's very little we can do etc", what is the likelihood of a copper wearing one of these things ever getting anywhere near an e-bike that is being used to commit a crime?  And in any case if it ihas pedals preseumbly the rider could just keep pedalling away from the copper.

1 month 14 hours ago

Whilst I'm not against the idea I hope they are prohibitively too expensive for the local muggers/ scrotes Beee