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‘Try before you buy’ e-bike scheme – government could subsidise holiday rentals in bid to drive sales

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Alex Bowden

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2 years 8 months ago

Adding to what I said, if it has to be ebikes, at least focus on cargo ebikes, family transporters etc. As well as focusing on younger families (bringing home your Ikea starter pack, ferrying children to primary school) it will directly target motor vehicle replacement as opposed to leisure and pleasure.

2 years 8 months ago

Coming out of the pandemic, I'd rather see what money the government has to throw at cyclists aimed at the younger market. Those coming through their last years of education have made huge sacrifices at a critical juncture, largely for the comfort and benefit of those drawing their steady pension. I doubt many will be gadding about on day trips and holidays.

Pensioners have not been financially hit in any case, many will have seen their spending drop leaving them with a tidy sum - all those meals out and "winter sun" they have forgone. The ebike market appears to be on steroids as a result, so I don't see why any ebike supplier would not want to offer test rides out of their own pocket, if it is such a winner.


Yes, I understand ebikes are not just for pensioners. But much of the article suggests that is the general direction.

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2 years 8 months ago

Excellent idea for pretty much every potential buyer. After all, you'd get an extended test drive if you were buying a new car, so why not a bike?