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Introducing the Z-Triton: an electric trike, boat and mini camper combined

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Jack Sexty

Jack is the news editor here at eBikeTips, and also edits the live blog and writes tech news over on our sister site Jack first became fascinated with e-bikes when an elderly gentleman breezed past him without a care in the world up a big old hill in North Wales - thus realising e-bikes are the real deal! Although he genuinely enjoys time trials and lung-busting climbs without assistance, Jack likes nothing more than cruising round town on an e-bike during his days off.   


2 years 9 months ago


2 years 9 months ago

Is it an answer to a question nobody asked? It's amusing I suppose. But if it's unique, then there's only the one. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Something either is, or isnt.

2 years 9 months ago

Wait till Steve Roberts hears about this.