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Hospitals and universities in Bristol and Bath to trial e-cargo bike deliveries


1 week 2 days ago

+1 here.  If this lot had been in charge of rolling out the wheel we'd still be trialling it.

Nice they're "re-evaluating" and all but this needs doing large-scale ASAP across the land.  The only bit that needs trialling is the attitudes of those in charge.  We're in an environment where it's "impossible" to do anything without a large motor vehicle in many people's opinion.

That said the Post Office ditched the bike just when it was starting to look like this was coming back into fashion so maybe a modicum of thought is needed.  But their "commercial pressures" were at least in part political and they thought it important to throw money at screwing their staff over so pinch of salt there maybe. I guess there might be concerns about how the bikes and their riders survive the depredations of our hostile streets and local loons.  And most importantly officials driven into unreason at the sight of a bicycle...

1 week 3 days ago

This is a complete waste of public funds.

There's no need to "pilot" schemes like this - it's a no brainer.

The organisations that have been given this freebie run budgets well into the £hundreds of millions and could easily afford to pay for this largesse themselves.

1 week 3 days ago

blow me.  £1m is a lot for a trial.